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Seamless integration and communication

We can provide you with the messaging solutions that you require. Enabling you to get your messages to the right customers, at the right time.

Bulk SMS

Speak directly to your customers with personalised messages sent any time, anywhere.

Short Codes

Provide clients with the best way to engage quickly and easily – with memorable 5-digit numbers.

URL Shortening

Make the most of SMS character limits by shortening long URLs. More space for engaging content, while tracking & collecting data for improved ROI.

Mobi Docs

Build, send and track important customer documents – all from within a single SMS.

SMS gateway for a business that does things right

Discover the power of SMS marketing in your business. Increase your sales and improve your customers’ satisfaction with messages that make their day better.

  • Send a large number of SMS messages at once.

  • Provide updates and timely information to your customer.

  • Send an SMS with a short link leading to your Business page.


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Improve the way you promote

Promote your business better with SMS campaigns that attract the attention of your recipients.

Become a successful business in the way you promote.


1. High open-rate
Meet one of the best marketing tools to reach your customers. SMS messages have an incredible open rate of up to 98%. That means that your audience will read your message.
2. High click-through rate
Include a short link in your bulk SMS and enjoy a remarkable click-through rate.
3. High scalability
Send campaigns counting hundred or millions of messages. Bulk messaging enables you to reach all your customers fast and cheap.
4. Connect API's easily
Connect via one of our APIs and extend its functionalities by adding the SMS channel.