How does SMS marketing work?

SMS marketing focuses on permission-based texting services to promote brand awareness. A user will text a specific number offered by your business to receive automated texts and messages from your company.

When users confirm their subscription to text message updates, you can start sending periodic messages with the help of a marketing team that helps you effectively engage your audience and maximize your results.

Advantages of SMS marketing

Do you think SMS marketing is the right choice for your business? Here are a few of its benefits:

1. Speed

The second your customer hears a “ding” coming from their cellphone, they direct their attention to their smartphone. Texts are an effective way to grab your audience’s attention and ensure your messages get viewed.

2. No internet required

Even without Wi-Fi, users can receive your text messages.

That means you can connect with users on-the-go, which is extremely valuable for businesses in the food, retail, or tourism industry. A promotion for a meal at your restaurant, for example, can motivate users to stop in on their way home from work.

3. High engagement levels

While phone calls may go unanswered and emails unread, your texts are likely to capture your audience’s attention. That can mean higher engagement levels for your business, leading to more sales.